Simple Church

Simple churches are birthed when small groups of people gather together on a journey to know God.  The Bible is foundational, and each person is encouraged to actually do what they read in the Bible!  As people are transformed by meeting with God, they bring their friends, and so the group grows.  Simple churches are in no way ‘holy huddles’, but rather gatherings of friends with Jesus at the centre.  Part of the obedience to Jesus and his word is to care for others and demonstrate to them the love of God.

The simple church model is a wonderful way of discipling people who might never set foot in a conventional church.  Discipleship takes place in the context of real life, enabling the Good News to be easily transferred to friends, neighbours and family members.

Within a given location, simple church groups gather together for regular teaching, training and fellowship with a wider group of believers.  Lay leaders are trained and released allowing for growth that isn’t dependent upon a few professionals